Trading Cards

Trading Cards Trading Cards are a great way to promote your organization, team, school – even yourself! These are perfect for teams with schedules, bands with tour dates, athletes with statistics and more.

Trading cards are produced using 14 and 16 point card stock and are available with gloss, matte, spot UV finish or a combination.

Industry Terms

  1. 4/0: Full color one side
  2. 4/1: Full color one side, one color other side
  3. 4/4: Full color, 2 sides
  4. Gloss: Coating has a shine, smooth finish, not suggested for writing on.
  5. Matte: Coating is flat, no gloss – ability to write on this finish

WeightInk Finish100250500100050005000 Discount Printing*
14 Point Trading Cards
14 Point 4/0Gloss / None $50.00$66.00$74.00$108.00$323.00N/A
14 Point 4/1Gloss / Gloss$55.00$71.00$79.00$113.00$328.00N/A
14 Point 4/4Gloss / Gloss$65.00$81.00$89.00$123.00$338.00N/A
14 Point 4/1Gloss / Matte N/AN/AN/A$153.00$256.00N/A
14 Pont 4/4Gloss / Matte N/AN/AN/A$163.00$266.00N/A
14 Point 4/0Matte / NoneN/AN/AN/A$118.00$333.00N/A
14 Point 4/1Matte / MatteN/AN/AN/A$123.00$338.00N/A
14 Point 4/4Matte / MatteN/AN/AN/A$133.00$348.00N/A
16 Point Trading Cards
16 Point 4/0Gloss / None N/AN/AN/A$113.00$328.00N/A
16 Point 4/1Gloss/ Gloss N/AN/AN/A$118.00$333.00N/A
16 Point 4/4Gloss/ Gloss N/AN/AN/A$128.00$343.00N/A
16 Point 4/0Gloss / None N/AN/AN/A$123.00$338.00N/A
16 Point 4/1Gloss / Matte N/AN/AN/A$128.00$343.00N/A
16 Point 4/4Gloss / Matte N/AN/AN/A$138.00$353.00N/A

Short Runs, Standard Printing, Discount Printing

Please view our file specifications page for
more info. on how to send us files ready for print.

*Discount Printing

Large volume, gang run printing of quantities of 5,000 or more. Allow for plus or minus 10% color shift on these jobs, unless a color match proof is requested for an additional charge.

An over or underrun of 10% is standard acceptable trade practice, as is 1/8” over or under size when cutting.

Other options available:

  1. Spot UV: Glossy coating on certain areas only
  2. Silver Ink
  3. PMS Match
  4. Rounded Corners